Finally a Modern Hotel & Property Management System

With cutting edge features providing guests and property managers the best experience possible.

Manage Your Hotels

WavePm allows you to do all the things you would expect from any other PMS and a lot more including contactless checkin. Read more below.

Manage Your Vacation Rentals

Manage 1 or many vacation rentals remotely with keycode generation, text message communication, HVAC control, and housekeeper app. Also sync availability and reservations with AirBNB.

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Contactless Hotel and Resort Management

  • Web-based, cloud SaaS platform accessible anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Send unique automated check in text messages to explain check in procedure and door entry codes.
  • Send messages directing guests to a secure payment gateway on any mobile device or laptop in order to manage unpaid balances.
  • Remain in constant communication with guests in order to offer and explain services throughout their stay.
  • WavePM allows guests to remain well informed and taken care of without directing them to potentially dangerous high traffic areas.

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SMS Communication

  • Built-in integrated SMS functionality keeps property users and guests connected before, during, and after stays.
  • Allows for contactless check in, check out, in stay service, and payment.
  • Send proactive automated text messages based on events such as check-in, one day before arrival, check-out, reservation creation, etc.
  • Auto-generate SMS keycodes and check-in messages for seamless guest check-in

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Intuitive Rooms Grid

  • Check guests in and out on an intuitive rooms grid with a drag and drop interface
  • Multiple views and features to ensure users have a constant eye on the operation.
  • Reservation preview screens, check-in, check-out, and stay over tabs slide out seamlessly, allowing users to multi-task without losing sight of the Rooms Grid.

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Guest Surveys

  • Built-in, easy to use and customized surveys send to your guests via email or SMS.
  • Comprehensive system reporting allows users to analyze, identify, and track trends and problem areas.
  • Multiple different question types available (i.e. rating 1-5, multiple choice, true or false, or free text answers.)

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Mobile Housekeeping App

  • Allows housekeepers to flip rooms and manage their workload directly through a tablet or mobile phone to ensure all housekeeping users are on the same page.
  • Housekeeping and Maintenance users can stay on task with a specially designed mobile application that gives WavePM real time updates, and allows users to chat between WavePM and the mobile app.
  • Available auto check-in capabilities allow hotel guests to proceed straight to the room when their room becomes ready.
  • Housekeeping management view allows supervisors and managers to quickly access and control room status from WavePM.

Rates & CRS Integration

  • Easy to use and manage all hotel rates, inventory, and restrictions all through WavePM without having to manage multiple systems.
  • We have integrations with leading Central Reservation Systems connecting your hotel or resort to Expedia, Booking.com, Hotel Tonight, and Airbnb, etc.
  • With our CRS integrations, you can easily build your customized website booking portal

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Dashboard & Reporting

  • Allows hoteliers and property owners to keep an eye on trending revenue patterns with a real-time dashboard.
  • All financially compliant reporting offers standard printing and CSV exporting.
  • Easily import into the financial software of your choice.

Vacation Owners & Ownership

  • Register and send out invitations to owners to their own portal in the WavePM system.
  • Manage owner contracts and report out venue earnings with period owner statements.
  • Allow owners to sign in to review owned unit occupancy, view statements and documentation, submit service unit requests, and book reservations for their units in real-time.

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Building System Automation

  • Allows properties to control HVAC systems remotely based on room status.
  • Control temperatures automatically to save money and improve energy efficiency.
  • Drive arrival scores by ensuring guests arrive to a comfortable room every time.
  • Integrated with SmartThings
  • Help prevent climate change with reduced energy usage.

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WavePM is a cloud-based Hotel Property Management system used to run day-to-day operations, as well as guest interactions. Technology is constantly evolving and we are currently in the age of cloud computing. Several industries have switched to the modern way of doing business in the cloud, but until now, the Hotel Industry has never seen a Property Management Solution like ours. WavePM is designed with the hotel guest and the hotel property manager in mind. The app offers a beautiful and intuitive user interface, seamless integrations and automation, and best of all, our Property Management System is accessible anywhere, anytime. WavePM enables hotels to stay competitive, keep up with guest expectations, increase guest satisfaction, and increase retention and revenue. Welcome to the future of Property Management Systems.

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