Ownership Management Features

With WavePM Hotel and Vacation Rental Management Software you can manage owners of properties or units to track commissions and earnings on revenue from bookings.

  1. Multiple owners can share ownership in same property/unit
  2. Track owner earnings for bookings
  3. Create and send owner statements
  4. Owner Portal allows owners to see bookings, statements, create reservations and much more.

Here is what Owners can do in their Owner Portal

See what guests are saying about their unit

Create and edit owner reservations, view rental rates, and view assigned rental reservations on the calendar

Intuitive calendar features keep owners up to date

Schedule Housekeeping Service for Owner Reservations on Calendar

View unit performance, owner documents, and statements

Give the option of your owners seeing their unit’s average daily rate, occupancy, and revenue over dates of their choosing

Generate unit key codes for your unit

Manage contracts and send out detailed and customizable statements, year end reporting, and documents of your choosing.