implementation & support services

How much will my WavePM subscription cost?
Your WavePM subscription costs are all-inclusive, meaning you will never be charged for mysterious and last-minute “add-ons” or “modules.” You may set up and configure WavePM on your own following our detailed documentation and admin configuration within the app and there is no additional cost.  Optionally, we can provide full implementation, training, and support services for a cost.
What are WavePM's implementation & system support services?
Implementation & system support is an optional service that allows us time to help you configure your WavePM system. We will give you all the training and support you need so that you can walk away feeling confident about managing your properties using WavePM.
How much do system support services cost?
System support services are charged by the hour at $125/hour. The amount of support service hours you require depends on your ability to configure your own properties and how much support you need at the start of your training. If you would like us to set up your owner’s properties, we generally recommend you budget 20 hours each property, about $2,500 per property. This can vary depending on the amount of data needed to be migrated, the number of rooms, room types, integrations, and training needs.
Can I purchase more training hours if I need them?
Of course! If you require additional training and support, you can buy training blocks that provide you 10 hours of support at a time.
Will I be charged for receiving support for a system-related issue?
Never. We take full responsibility for the support you receive that is related to a system issue. Your support service hours only apply to the time you are being assisted with the training or configuration of your WavePM system.